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Allover Roller + Firming Oil Duo


The Allover Roller + Firming Oil Duo (LIMITED EDITION SILVER HOLIDAY BOX) is a mindful bodycare ritual housed in a waste-free recyclable box. This set consists of a 2oz body oil and the Allover Roller, the first jade roller created exclusively for use on the body. Firming Oil is ideal for over the body, particularly areas that could benefit from a lifting boost. The aroma is green, floral, and fresh with top notes of energetic citrus. Measuring 7” x 3.25” with a textured, solid roller that increases stimulation, this tool enhances bodycare routines through a simple self-massage ritual.


($105 value)

Step 1: Apply body oil from head to toe after bath or shower

Step 2: Using light to medium pressure, roll in short strokes with Allover Roller including neck, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, torso and bottoms of feet. Make sure to roll the direction of natural lymph flow, towards the trunk and heart for an allover glow