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Body Oils for Growing Bellies

We created Esker as a way to transform routines into rituals. Our body oils and body tools are a conduit for slowing down and taking time to take care of ourselves. For many of us, though, recognizing when we need a moment of pause to regroup and take care is difficult to do amid busy schedules and the rush of everyday life. But there’s one particular season of life that not only welcomes calm and self-care but at some points even requires it, and that’s the journey of pregnancy. As a women-led company whose owner is currently pregnant (hi!), we wanted to create a body oil specifically catered to growing bellies made of ingredients that are clean, safe, and created to meet the needs of changing, evolving skin.  

Introducing Esker’s Belly Oils 

When we think about skin and pregnancy, most of the time our minds go straight to dealing with stretchmarks. Not only are our botanical oils tailored to help prevent and fade stretchmarks, but we wanted to make sure our oils also serve your body from a more holistic standpoint, to the needs of the entire pre and postpartum experience. 

With that in mind, we created two distinct oils–– one that is bright and uplifting for the times it’s impossible to drag yourself out of bed and another that is soothing and nourishing for winding down after an evening bath or taking a moment to soothe your skin before bed. Both are anchored by deeply moisturizing clean ingredients and subtle natural aromas--exactly what we wanted to see in a pregnancy body oil. 


The Uplifting Belly Oil 

Our Uplifting Belly Oil is formulated with energizing lemongrass and invigorating ginger and ylang ylang to to awaken the senses and gently hydrate the skin. Super nourishing grapeseed and sea buckthorn work in tandem to promote elasticity and skin cell regeneration (read as: helps to majorly fade stretchmarks and prevent new ones from forming). Both of these ingredients also aid in soothing irritated, itchy tummies with extra hydrating properties as your skin continues to expand and lose it’s moisture barrier. Though both oils can be used at any time of the day, the Uplifting Belly Oil’s non-greasy refreshing, vibrant scent is great to use at the start of your day to stimulate your senses (and your skin)! 

The Soothing Belly Oil 

Our Soothing Belly Oil, on the other hand, is ideal for slowing things down, calming the senses, and deeply hydrating skin. Made of a non-toxic blend of certified organic botanical oils, calming lavender gently soothes mind and body tension while Vitamin E and Vitamin A-rich sea buckthorn and grapeseed moisturize below the skin’s surface and promote cell regeneration. Both oils are non-greasy, quickly absorb into the skin, and can be used in tandem with our bry brush, which is still safe to use during pregnancy and can help with exfoliation, blood flow, swelling and dullness, and lymph circulation.  


Made with Mamas in Mind 

With pregnancy comes a whole lot of transition physically, mentally, and emotionally. We designed our oils knowing that the senses are in constant flux and your body and mood are ever changing. We’ve purposely lightened the fragrances of both botanical oils for a cleaner and more delicate scent as women who are pregnant tend to have stronger sensory reactions. While all of our body oils are safe and beneficial for use during pregnancy, the specific blend of certified organic botanicals chosen for both the Uplifting Belly Oil and the Soothing Belly Oil are meant to nourish skin in need of extra hydration and healing during pregnancy and are breastfeeding safe so you can continue your ritual after your little one arrives!  

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