Who We Are

Our Mission

We believe that the best things to put in and on your body are derived from the natural world around us. We create products using clean essential oils that are powerful and effective, and most importantly, are safe and nourishing for the skin. 

We believe that maintaining healthy skin goes far beyond the face alone, and that the other 90% of us--the skin on our bodies--deserves to indulge in products that are clean and effective. While durable, the skin on our bodies is still complex and vulnerable to outside stressors, and requires unique care that’s at once functional and multi-faceted.

Our Founder

Protecting Pollinators

Reducing Plastics

Esker Products Contain Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

There’s lots of conflicting information that permeates the beauty industry. From deciphering between what’s clean and what isn’t and how products are made, it can be difficult at times to even understand what exactly goes into the products we purchase. Essential oils and botanical ingredients are no strangers to skepticism and even controversy within the skincare and bodycare worlds, but oftentimes essential oils are deemed only “bad” or “good”, and we miss the bigger picture of learning how to use the right oils in the right way. 

Esker is Committed to Transparency

Our credentials and product integrity are incredibly important to us and we want them to be important to you, too. We are committed to using products and processes that are never harmful to our bodies, to our planet, or to the people who help craft our products. 

Esker Believes in Taking Time to Take Care

We believe taking a moment to pause and care for the body is oftentimes the best thing we can do for it, that participating in an elevated bodycare ritual is not only good for the skin but good for the soul.  Our mission is to create plant-based bodycare products that rely on the power and efficacy of natural botanical actives to restore and nourish skin, and to transform simple self-care routines into savored rituals.