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Essential Oils, Made Easy to Understand

Each of Esker’s targeted lines features a blend of organic essential oils that nourish your body’s specific skin type. Our product labels were designed as a visual guide to each unique blend. Learn about them here.

Each of Esker’s targeted lines features a blend of organic essential oils that nourish your body’s specific skin type. Our product labels were designed as a visual guide to each unique blend. Learn about them here.

When it comes to clean beauty, thoughtfully formulated skincare and bodycare products are a must. That doesn’t mean it has to be complicated necessarily, but even simple formulas can get lost in translation. After all, not everyone is literate in ingredients labels. Ingredients are a top priority to us, but so is function—that’s why design is something we really took into consideration with the brand aesthetic. Streamlined minimalism and purposeful use of color serve as a visual reference for the concentration of essential oils that are included in our targeted lines as well as their natural colors found in nature.  

Firming Line

  • Juniper: A blue-green conifer tree, its essential oil is heavily featured in our firming formula for its ability to tone and reduce water retention.
  • Grapefruit: This zesty oil helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and puffiness.
  • Palmarosa: This sweet grass’s oil softens damaged and dry skin and smells sweetly like a rose.
  • Lavender: Sourced from Bulgaria, this flower has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help deflate any swelling or irritation.
  • Rose Geranium: This Egypt-sourced flower helps eliminate fluid retention and soothe skin damage.

Restorative Line

  • Carrot Seed: This is the most featured in this line for its ability to reduce the appearance of aging with powerful antioxidants.
  • Frankincense: This aromatic oil helps reduce stress and tension and boost mood.
  • Bergamot: A bright and fresh citrus, this balances skin while promoting peaceful relaxation
  • Rosemary: This soothes dry skin while improving circulation.
  • Ylang Ylang: Also heavily featured, this Madagascar flower’s oils soothe irritation and promote smoothness, refining the appearance of wrinkles.

Clarifying Line

  • Cypress: As the foundation essential oil, this reduces the appearance of old and new blemishes and creates a more balanced and glowing complexion overall.
  • Rose Geranium: This alleviates damaged skin and eases fluid retention.
  • Jasmine: A soothing balancer, this fragrance oil is a mood booster and skin soother.

Esker Body Oils also include a blend of organic carrier oils that work as antioxidant-rich, skin cell-nourishing moisturizers. Carrier oils are essential to our products because they allow us to dilute the essential oils so you can enjoy their benefits without fear of irritation. 

Don’t worry, carrier oils don’t dilute the efficacy of the essential oils, they simply allow the essential oils to deliver their most powerful benefits without irritating the skin. 

The next most important thing on Shannon’s list was to use the purest, highest quality organic oils that we were able to find. She turned to C02 Extracted Oils for Esker’s products.

What is a C02 Extract? 

Traditionally, essential oils are derived using steam distillation, a process that yields a concentrated pure plant liquid. By contrast, a supercritical extraction -  like a CO2 extraction - occurs from a process where pressurized gas dissolves the natural components of the plant into a liquid format. 

CO2 oil extracts are incredibly potent and pure, having never been exposed to chemicals or heat. We use the supercritical extraction method in the production of our body oils to ensure that your skin is receiving the purest, most potent oils available that go the extra mile in hydrating and nourishing skin. 

We didn’t forget about the scent

One of the greatest benefits of using high quality, organic essential oils in Esker products is that they also give a mind-soothing aromatherapeutic experience with every use.  Bodycare has the potential to be an elevated self care practice when we consider a multi-sensory approach. That includes massaging nourishing oils into your skin, breathing in their mood-boosting and stress-relieving fragrant aura, and the relaxation of taking time to care for your whole body. 

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