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How To Use Our Body Plane: Easy Techniques for Smooth & Exfoliated Summer Skin

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After months of research and design development, we finally got to release what is by far the most unique item in Esker’s collection of body care tools, the Body Plane. It’s our modernized version of the Strigil, an ancient tool used by romans and greeks to clean themselves and scrape dirt off of their bodies because soap wasn’t really a thing in those days. Though both the Strigil and our updated Body Plane tool have tons of exfoliating and antibacterial skin benefits, at first glance they can look pretty intimidating to use. 

Our Body Plane tool is meant to be an extra exfoliating and cleansing step in your weekly body care routine. Here’s how to get the most out of your Body Plane for smooth, exfoliated skin from head to toe.


1. Soak

Like other body tools, the Body Plane is most effective if you use it right after you’ve taken a long hot bath or shower when your skin is still warm and damp. If your skin is damp and then you apply an oil, you’ll really see how much dead skin and debris the Body Plane will exfoliate away.  

2. Oil

Immediately after bathing, apply a favorite oil all over your body (we’ve got a few in mind). It’s key that you apply an oil first because it acts as the slip for the Body Plane as you move it along your body. If you’re using a dry oil, don’t be shy to apply a generous amount as it will absorb into your skin more quickly than other body oils, and don’t wait until your skin is dry or it will be more difficult to move the plane up your body! 

3. Glide & Scrape

Starting with your arms and legs, use moderate pressure to glide the body plane across your skin with the blade side down (don’t worry, it’s not sharp like a blade; we liken it more to the edges of a credit card). Use upward motions like you would if you were shaving your legs. Using an upward, gliding motion towards your heart and trunk can also help with lymph drainage in addition to exfoliating away debris and dead skin.


 4. Wipe & Repeat 

After you’ve done a few passes, rinse or wipe the blade with a cloth or towel and keep going until you’ve exfoliated everywhere! Our Body Plane is safe to use across all parts of your body as it cleanses and exfoliates without damaging your skin’s moisture barrier. It’s especially effective on rougher and more resilient parts of your body like arms, legs and elbows, and is a great tool to use if you have KP bumps on the backs of your arms.

Body Plane Particulars

Because the Body Plane offers such a deep exfoliating clean, you don’t need to use the tool more than once a week. If you’re already a fan of dry brushing but you’re going to add the Body Plane into your weekly ritual, avoid dry brushing and body planing on the same day as it might be too harsh for your skin. And while we’re on the topic of sensitive skin, if your skin is irritated with a rash, sunburn or any other issue that’s making your skin more vulnerable, wait to use the body plane until it passes. Though the blade is dull and gentle, exfoliating when your skin is already irritated can exacerbate the issue.

Two questions we get frequently are whether you can use the body plane after shaving and if you can use it in the shower. In terms of shaving, yes! As long as your skin isn’t sensitive post-shave, body planing after you apply an oil is totally safe and will leave your skin with an extra squeaky clean feeling. We don’t recommend using the body plane in the shower because soap doesn’t work very well as a slip and because your skin can be better exfoliated when it’s damp, not wet. To get the deepest clean, body planing post-bath or shower is the way to go. 

The tool itself is thoughtfully designed with a sterling silver plated stainless steel blunt edge so that it won’t get rusty, but do be sure to dry it off after using it! We also chose colloidal sterling silver for the blade because it’s naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, leaving skin smooth and cleansed after each use. The handle is crafted using premium teak wood which won’t warp when it’s in contact with oil.


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Have any more questions about our Body Plane tool? 
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Hi wondering if the body plane promotes lymph drainage

Hi wondering if the body plane promotes lymph drainage

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