New Year, New Intentions

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A New Year and a New Decade is Here

It still feels like we’re catching our breath from the holiday season, but we’ve gotten some time to reflect on the highlights of 2019 and to make exciting plans and intentions for the year ahead. 

We started Esker because we believed that the skin on our bodiesthe very things that move us through each and every dayaren’t given the same kind of attention and care we devote to the skin on our faces or the hair on our heads. 

2019 was special because we got to continue exploring what it means to make products that encourage us to participate in rituals of care that go beyond routine. Our Allover Roller was released this year, which garnered praise from the likes of Vogue, The Cut, and The Zoe Report, among others. It was so exciting to see people turning their attention towards the rest of their bodies and taking time to care for it in a way that’s attentive and transformative.

Learning to Live a Low Waste Life

As a new year begins, our intentions at Esker are firmly fixed on continuing to develop products that take care of and restore the skin on our bodies, and to do it creating as little waste as possible! All of our products are already made from either paper, glass, or PET plastic, and where there are currently no better alternatives (like PET plastic or pumps, for example) we’re doing our research to uncover the truths about recycling and choosing to make production and packaging choices with the best practices in mind. We found both the podcast Eco-Chic and the show Broken on Netflix to be really informative and eye-opening when it comes to the realities of recycling, and we’re excited to continue seeking out low-waste options for Esker throughout the year.

Other Things We’re Excited About… 

Hatching New Things This Spring

We’re launching a new product this Spring! We aren’t dropping any hints about what it is quite yet, but stay tuned to our Instagram in the coming months. 

Meet the Calendula Hand Cleanser

Did you know that most luxurious, premium-made hand soaps still contain sulfates and artificial preservatives? Our hands already go through enough daily wear and tear as it is, but hand soaps containing sulfates (even the fancy ones) often lead to dryness and irritation. Our Calendula Hand Cleanser is completely plant-based and formulated with clove, palo santo, litsea and helichrysum essential oils, all of which are naturally anti-bacterial and detoxifying! We love how soothing this cleanser has been, especially during the dry winter months.

Plant a Flower, Feed a Bee (or Butterfly)

butterfly in hand

We’ve been supporting the Xerces Society, an international non-profit that protects and conserves bees and butterflies and their natural habitat, since the very early days of Esker. We’re excited to continue supporting them and to continue our own support and conservation of pollinators by including a packet of pollinator-friendly wildflower seeds in every Esker Body Oil.
Finally, we’re really looking forward to developing more products that promote a mission of taking time to take care. It’s why we started Esker in the first place, and it’s this same mindset that keeps us going back to the drawing board as we aim to bring you bodycare tools and products that help you unwind and connect with your body. 

Happy New Year from the Esker Team! 


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