Allover Roller - Esker
Allover Roller - Esker
Allover Roller - Esker
Allover Roller - Esker
Allover Roller - Esker
Allover Roller - Esker
Allover Roller - Esker
Allover Roller - Esker

Allover Roller

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Esker’s Allover Roller is made up of a textured Xiuyan Jade roller and polished Xiuyan Jade handle to provide a deep and gentle self massage for the entire body. At 7” long and 3.25” wide Allover Roller’s texture is designed to break up fascia in the top layers of the skin to reduce tension and puffiness. This unique tool also encourages a deeper penetration of Esker’s Body Oils. With continued use, the Allover Roller reveals a renewed skin that is firm, soft, and glowing.


Body Skin Type Quiz

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The Ritual

Start by applying your favorite Esker Body Oil onto the skin starting with the feet and moving towards the heart, working your way up through the limbs and torso, the arms and the neck.

Follow this same journey with the Allover Roller using gentle but firm pressure. Spend a little extra time rolling small, tender areas like the ankles, wrists, the space between the neck and the shoulder, the hip crease and anywhere else you feel tension in the body.

Incorporate Esker’s Allover Roller into your daily bathing ritual - and throughout the day to release tension from the neck, shoulders, and wrists.

The Allover Roller will enhance the effects of any of Esker’s Body Oils. Take your ritual to the next level with the Body Plane, Esker’s patent pending deep exfoliation tool.


The Benefits

Lymphatic Drainage

The Allover Roller stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps with whole body detoxification and skin regeneration 

Tension Relief

The first-of-its-kind roller for the entire body, promotes circulation, providing a brightening and toning effect 

Increases Product Absorption

When paired with your regular bodycare products, the Allover Roller increases the efficacy and absorption of your favorite formulas

Complete Your Ritual

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"Now you can roll your body too."


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