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Another Kind of Half Bath

Sometimes you don't have time (or even the tub) for the full soak. Maybe you're working with a shower-only situation, or don't want to deal with waiting for the tub to fill up.
Lucky for you, there are some alternatives to taking a full bath; something as simple as soaking your hands and feet can reap all of the relaxing benefits of a full bath. Our hands and feet are the busiest parts of our body; in fact, over 7,000 nerves live in your feet alone,  making them likely sluggish due to tension, poor footwear, or stress. Giving them some extra tender care can be the perfect way to boost lymphatic drainage, remove toxins, and decompress.  

Here's how to do it right:

1. Set the Scene

Gather your materials: you'll need everything you would for a full bath; salts, petals, oils, (just in smaller quantities) plus a vessel to soak your hands or feet in; we like to use a nice bowl. Since you have the freedom to place your bowl wherever you want in your home, make sure your surroundings are to your liking; candles, moody lighting, or some incense. 

2. Submerge & Soak

Fill your vessel with warm water and your preferred add-ins. Turns out you can absorb nutrients through your feet; with that in mind, we're reaching for mineral-rich Epsom Salts and essential oils for botanical healing benefits. 
Since you're having a smaller, concentrated bath on the parts of your body with thicker skin, this could be a good opportunity for physical exfoliants—we like pumice. Rest and meditate for 20-25 minutes. 

3. The Last Steps

While the skin is soft, do some grooming; take care of your cuticles, and clip your nails.
Just like after a full bath, your hands and feet will need their moisture replenished after their time in the water; finish off with a Body Oil on your feet and legs, and a nice long Allover Roller session to massage and drain. Enjoy the last few minutes of peace while it penetrates your skin.

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