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Home is where the headquarters are

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Before I started Esker I worked full time in Midtown Manhattan for over ten years and would commute daily on the train. Part of the adjustment (among many things) to starting my own company was getting used to working from home instead of a busy office. While we were in LA we didn't have a lot of rooms but when we recently moved to Austin we suddenly had more space and that meant a real home office.  It's been a work in process, especially since we are used to small, compact spaces and didn't own a lot of furniture but I'm so happy to finally share our home with you today on Apartment Therapy. My husband grew up in Austin but to me what stood out about this city was the amazing greenery, old magical trees and openness of it all. I wanted to create a space that embraced all of the nature the city had to offer. In order to be able to switch from work mode, to mom mode, to entertaining friends it was important to us to make our living areas open, bright and livable. I feel like our house has great energy and light which makes working at home that much better. We’ve incorporated a lot of houseplants and greenery into the mix and with the the large windows, it really gives the house an indoor/outdoor feel.

My favorite thing to do in the house when I'm not on the (self-imposed) clock is to work on my pollinator-friendly garden. It’s a great way to decompress and it keeps me in tune with our emerging backyard habitat. In my garden I’m already seeing an increase in bees and butterflies which is exciting! I’m hoping to grow my garden (and Esker) into something really special so watch this space.

Read more about our solar powered home, take a peek into our office and more on Apartment Therapy.

Playing around in our garden

Our office pinboard for planning and inspiration

Naturally our bathroom has a lot of Esker products

Our indoor and outdoor space blend together for a great flow

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