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Jade rolling may suddenly everywhere in skincare but stone tools like rollers and gua sha have been used for thousands of years originating in China. The fact that we're still using these techniques is a testament to how great the benefits are. I’m a big fan of jade rolling and didn’t want to stop at just my neck and I wanted to roll everywhere, especially together with body oils. I started to think about designing my own that was maximized for body in terms of size, scale and texture on the roller. I always loved the idea of going out to get gua sha massage or different types of body work done but realistically it can be difficult to make time for that regularly, especially when I became a mom. Traditionally gua sha or stone tool type treatments have been used primarily on the body and I think the roller format is an easy way to get those amazing benefits in a pretty simple and enjoyable way at home.

Jade has a multitude of benefits that can improve the look of the skin. With continued use, you can expect to see your skin brighter and tighter. The act of rolling promotes drainage from the  lymphatic system which runs throughout the body, it doesn’t have a cutoff at the neck. Using the roller on your body helps to boost circulation for a smoother, firmer look. It breaks up fascia that causes tension and puffiness and helps with the absorption of any type of bodycare product you’re applying.

I’ve been using the Allover Roller about three or four times a week after I get out of the tub or shower for the last few months. I’ve noticed that it leaves my skin super smooth, tauter and reduces ingrown hairs if I use it after shaving. It’s also incredibly relaxing and just feels amazing, especially in conjunction with our body oils. I think any ritual that helps you feel more grounded and relaxed is important and I can’t wait for you to make this a habit in your selfcare arsenal!

xo Shannon

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