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Meet the Allover Roller

The act of rolling promotes drainage from the lymphatic system which runs throughout the body, it doesn’t have a cutoff at the neck. Using the roller on your body helps to boost circulation for a smoother, firmer look. It breaks up fascia that causes tension and puffiness and helps with the absorption of any type of bodycare product you’re applying.
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Jade is an honored and valuable skincare tool going back thousands of years when it was first used to treat skin in China. The longevity of these simple tools and their widespread popularity today are a testament to the benefits of this beautiful stone. 

Esker founder, Shannon Davenport, is a big fan of Jade rollers and gua shas for her face and one day, “started to think about designing one for the Esker community specifically for the body. We found a unique way to roll the body when we started to think about the size, shape, and texture the roller could be.” 

The result is the Allover Roller, a textured, oversized 100% Xiyuan Jade roller that depuffs the skin by draining the lymphatic system, and firms and tightens the skin with continued use. It is also an artful addition to your bathroom.


It is a common misconception that the lymphatic system ends at the neck, but it actually runs throughout the body. The massaging texture of the Allover Roller makes it the perfect tool to work to increase circulation and release the toxins and waste that make us puffy and bloated.

Designed to be a relaxing ritual, the Allover Roller can be used daily but we suggest using it 3-4 times per week. The action of gently rolling the skin is soothing, and almost forces you to slow down and pay attention to your skin for a few minutes. Here’s an Allover Roller Ritual for you to try: 

Step 1: Start by applying your favorite Esker Body Oil onto the skin starting with the feet and moving towards the heart, working your way up through the limbs and torso, the arms and the neck.

Step 2: Follow this same journey with the Allover Roller using gentle but firm pressure. Spend a little extra time rolling small, tender areas like the ankles, wrists, the space between the neck and the shoulder, the hip crease and anywhere else you feel tension in the body.

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