Not all exfoliation is equal: Learn the difference

Posted by Shannon Davenport on

How To Exfoliate the Right Way
We hear a lot about the benefits of exfoliation. Cell turnover, improved circulation, smoothing skin, clearing congestion etc, etc. But did you know there are different ways to do it? At Esker, we love caring for the skin below the neck. That includes learning about alllllll the different ways we can exfoliate, and the right tools to do so. Here are some of our favorites. 

The Linen Loofah

Linen loofah
Our brand new esker launch is made from 100% natural linen threads that are each spun 5 times for strength and durability. The Linen Loofah was created for an in-bath experience and is best used with a small amount of gentle body wash or soap. The knots in the Loofah help make a lather and the handles on the sides make this one especially great for those hard-to-reach areas on your back. 

The Dry Brush

A classic bristly brush used to firm and tone the skin by improving circulation and gently brushing away debris. This one in particular is made from grass tree wood, all-natural bristles, and finely wound hemp twine at the handle. The bristles are gentle enough to be used all over the body; arms, legs, and torso. The Dry Brush is best for (you guessed it) dry skin. We like to use it before a shower or bath. Pro tip? Always brush towards the heart. 

The Body Plane

body plane eskerThis one's special. Inspired by ancient bathing practices, the Body Plane is your one-way ticket to smooth. Crafted from premium teak wood and a stainless steel blunt edge plated with colloidal sterling silver, this tool is best used on damp, oiled skin, probably after you've just bathed. Use medium pressure on arms and legs, and go softer on chest, torso, and neck. The Body Plane smooths and exfoliates by removing excess dirt and oil that otherwise goes unnoticed, and the pressure has added lymphatic drainage benefits that make it a sweet, sweet two in one.

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  • Kelly Capone on

    I really love the Body Plane. I’m 54yrs old and have had scaly dry skin on my legs, below the knee and on my forearms, for a few years now. I tried every brand of lotion you can think of, and exfoliants too. Nothing worked. I use the Body Plane with the Firming oil. My legs and arms look great! I wish I had discovered Esker sooner! Thanks. Your products did what no one else’s can.

  • KarenLee Easterling on

    Go SUPER easy with with a light touch with this dry brush on your chest/torso. Im dealing with very damaged, bumpy and inflamed skin due to me brushing with too much pressure.

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