The Price of a Bubble Bath

Posted by Shannon Davenport on

Sulfates are the thing that makes your soap, toothpaste, shampoo, lather.

They remove oils and grease (which is why you'll also find them in household cleaners). But do they do more harm than good?

What really are they?
When you're reading an ingredient label, the most common culprits are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Though both are technically sulfates, they have different functions. Laureth is the slightly milder cleanser, a less aggressive form of lauryl. Lauryl may be the better cleaner due to its higher foaming profile, but laureth is the less (note, not NON-irritating) irritating counterpart. 

What do they do?
Sulfates are the secret behind foamy lather and that squeaky clean feeling. Sounds good, right? Think again. That squeaky clean feeling is actually the feeling of a compromised microbiome, and the removal of necessary, natural oils that keep your skin hydrated and happy. As well as stripping your skin of natural oils, sulfates can cause other irritation, dryness, and even acne to your most sensitive skin.

Why should I opt for sulfate-free?
We think sulfate-free is the way it should be. Instead of stripping and drying skin, we believe in assisting the microbiome by giving it soothing, organic botanicals that hydrate instead of parch. Our washes are gentle enough to be used daily and will get you clean without drying you out.

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