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Our Cozy Holiday Gift Guide

We've rounded up some sure-fire hits that any woman would love! We have everything from silky jammies to workout gear. So whether she’s chillin on the couch this holiday season, or up in the gym working on her fitness, we have you covered. Keep reading for our 2021 Holiday Season Gift Giving picks! 

No need to panic, but WE ARE IN THE THROWS OF THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. We totally understand how daunting holiday shopping can be, and we are already busy enough.  Now we need a well-thought-out super-sentimental gift for Great Aunt Diane who we haven’t seen in two years? But no worries, we have done all of the hard work for you and rounded up some sure-fire hits that any woman would love! We have everything from silky jammies to workout gear. So whether she’s chillin on the couch this holiday season, or up in the gym working on her fitness, we have you covered. Keep reading for our 2021 Holiday Season Gift Giving picks! 

1. Sleeper Sizeless Pajama Set

We are all spending way more time at home nowadays and let's be honest, most days are pajama days. So why not at least make those pajama days a little more lux?? We love this PJ set from Sleeper because it can easily transition from REM sleep to boozy brunch depending on how you style it! Throw on a cool trench, some loafers, and wayfarers and you’ll be looking all ‘model off-duty chic’ while still feeling cozy af. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns and materials and even includes a coordinating scrunchie! 

2. Esker Plantable Candle 

Our Plantable Candle is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Not only do they smell amazing, but after you have burned through the hand-poured, soy-based wax, reuse the cute Terrazo container to plant your herbs with the included soil pod and seed paper. The seeds include a combination of culinary herbs so you can harvest them to cook, or just keep them on the windowsill for a little bit of greenery in your life (plants make people happy, you know). We offer our Plantable Candle in two scents; Terazzo, with notes of Palo Santo, Rock Rose and Cedar, and Terracotta, with notes of Lemon Balm, White Honey, and Coriander. Both are designed to help you unwind and relax (which we can all use this time of year!).

3. Crown Affair Comb 

Have a major beauty junkie in your life? She’s sure to love this chic comb from Crown Affair. She can use it to simply detangle her tresses or we love using ours as a scalp Gua Sha! Starting at your hairline brush backwards in a short, pulsing motion. This will stimulate the scalp, promoting thicker and stronger hair growth. Also scalp massages relieve tension and help you relax and unwind! 

4. Cuyana Crescent Hoops 

Jewelry is a gift giving staple during the Holiday Season! We love these mini hoops from Cuyana because they’re classic but a still a little funky so they’ll go with anyone’s style. They’re large enough to make a statement but not so big to be overwhelming. Don’t be fooled by their chunkiness, they’re super lightweight and comfortable.


5. Hario Cold Brew Bottle

We used to be regular Starbucks dwellers before we got this Hario Cold Brew bottle, but now STARBUCKS IS CANCELED! Not really, we’ll go back especially for the Christmas cups (do they fill you with joy or are you normal??). But anyways, cold brew coffee at home is a breeze thanks to this handy bottle. You simply add your coffee grounds to the filter, add water up to the marked line on the glass bottle and put in in your refrigerator overnight! They also offer a cold brew tea bottle which we are obsessed with as well.

6. J. Hannah Nail Polish Set

Make everyday a spa day with this nail polish set from J. Hannah. J. Hannah creates the coolest yet still wearable nail colors around, and this season they’re offering several sets which include their best selling shades. Pick between a glam and sparkly set or this warm-toned and solid set! This would be a perfect stocking stuffer as well!.

7. Jenni Kayne Moroccan Slippers

You can never go wrong with gifting all things cozy because let’s be real, who doesn’t like feeling cozy, especially during the Holidays?! Every woman needs a good pair of house shoes and these shearling slippers from Jenni Kayne are THAT. They’re super soft and will keep her feet cozy and warm all season long. They’re perfect for kicking back with a cup of tea and watching all the Holiday classics.

8. Brightland Artist Capsule Olive Oil Set

Does she love to cook? Gift her with this olive oil set from Brightland. The 4-bottle set includes one each of 4 different olive oil infusions: lemon, chili pepper, garlic and basil.  With this inspiration she can cook everything from spicy Asian dishes to classic Italian delicacies. Plus you can feel good about gifting this set because for every purchase of The Artist Capsule, Brightland is donating 50 meals to Feeding America, a nonprofit that supports food banks nationwide.

9. Cuyana Recycled Cashmere Scarf 

When in gift giving doubt, Cashmere. You can never go wrong with gifting her with a classic cashmere scarf during the Holiday Season! We love this recycled cashmere scarf from Cuyana because it’s large enough to feel all bundled up and cozy but not so big that she’ll feel like she’s wearing a blanket. 

10. Esker Body Plane 

Our Body Plane is the kind of gadget that you didn’t know you needed until you own it, trust us. You think you're all squeaky clean after hopping out of the bath or shower? Think again…. Our Body Plane will tell you otherwise by scrapping off all of the dirt and grime that is left on your skin even after bathing. You simply apply your body oil of choice (our oils are pretty amazing, if you ask us) to your damp skin after bathing.  Then, in an upwards motion glide the Body Plane over your limps and torso, wiping the excess oil off on a towel as you go. What you’ll see will surprise you but what you’re left with is smooth, nourished and clean skin from head (well, shoulders) to toe.

11. Bala Bangles

Is she a fitness aficionado or simply trying to get her body moving going into the New Year? These ankle weights from Bala are perfect for her. They’re comfortable, offer different weight options, are easy to clean, and come in a ton of colors and patterns.

12. Beast Health Blender

If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us! Oprah included this chic blender (didn’t know blenders could be chic until now) on her Favorite Things list and we concur!! They offer sets of various sizes and colors that all promise to deliver yummy blended goods and infusions! Use the blender attachment to create nutrient rich smoothies from home, or the infuser attachment to create a flavored water using fresh produce.

For a more in-depth rundown on our favorite bath and body products for gifting, click HERE for our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Happy shopping and we hope you all have a very merry Holiday Season!! 

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