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Why You Should Be Gifting Bath & Body Products to Make Every Day a Spa Day

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Written by Jane Bornstein @homebodyjane 

Self-care gets a bad rep. It is often labeled as self-indulgent, selfish, unproductive and a waste of time. But here at Esker, we beg to differ. We believe that self-care is essential to maintaining equilibrium and fostering our mental health. Carving out time to show ourselves love and care is both productive and healthy, yielding benefits far beyond the actual moments of self-indulgence. We totally understand that it is easy to get lost in our own lives and move self-care to the bottom of the to-do list. That’s why this Holiday Season we think everyone should be gifting our Clean Bath & Body products to remind ourselves and others that every day can (and should) be a spa day! 

Plantable Candles


Our Best Selling Plantable Candles are the perfect way to set the mood for your spa night! They are designed to help you unwind and relax with consciously crafted scent combinations. Our Terrazzo Plantable Candle contains notes of palo santo, rock rose, and cedar, and our Terracotta Plantable Candle has notes of lemon balm, wild honey and coriander. Burn them on the edge of your bath, on our Bath Board, or while you’re chilling on the couch with your favorite book (self-care looks different for everyone!). Best part is, once you’re finished burning though our hand-poured soy-based wax, reuse the cute pots as planters with the included soil pod and assortment of culinary herbs. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!  

Sparkling Bath Salts

Elevate your bath time from basic to blissful with our Sparkling Bath Salts. Our salts are made of Dead Sea and Epsom salt for that classic detoxifying effect we all love in a bath salt. All while soothing coconut milk powder, oat protein and kaolin clay work to soften and nurture the skin. The eucalyptus, juniper and lavender oils help you relax and unwind, improve sleep and have mood-boosting aromatherapeutic benefits. Our salts are stored in a custom sea grass wrapped, glass carafe with airtight bamboo lid so that your salts are safely stored while looking chic bath-side. Give them the gift of relaxation because it is #soakingseason after all! 

The Body Plane Set

The Body Plane is the self-care tool they didn’t know they needed. Our Body Plane is a modern take on the ancient Greek and Roman bathhouse tool, the strigil, used for cleansing the body and removing excess dirt and oil from head to toe. After bathing or showering, apply our Body Oil on your slightly dampened skin. Once you’re all oiled up, glide the Plane over your limbs and torso in an upwards motion the same way you would a dry brush.  The plane gently yet effectively cleanses and smooths the skin removing built-up dirt and grime that sits on the surface of your skin even after bathing. The set contains our signature Body Plane, an exclusive Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to wipe excess oil as you swipe, and your choice of our three body oils: Restorative, Firming and Clarifying. The entire set is completely free of single use plastic and is packaged in a totally gift-worthy box!  This gift will for sure become a staple in their self-care ritual! 

Bath Board

Do you have a serious bath time aficionado on your Holiday shopping list? Our Bath Board is the perfect bathing companion! Our thoughtfully designed bath Board features FSC Certified pine wood and hemp rope handles and the flip up mirror is perfect for applying your favorite face masks mid soaking sesh! The mirror also doubles as a kick stand for your book, Kindle, magazine or tablet.  

Body Oil

Give the gift of hydrated and glowing skin from head to toe this Holiday Season! All of our Body Oils are consciously crafted using thoughtfully selected oils and botanicals to target your skin’s specific needs. Our Firming Oil contains juniper berry, macadamia nut oil, rosehip seed, and baobab oil, to deliver firmer and tighter looking skin. Our award-winning Restorative Oil uses pure carrot seed, squalene, evening primrose, and jojoba oil to promote an overall smoother and more vibrant complexion.  And finally, our Clarifying Oil works to restore and repair the skin with the help of squalene, avocado oil, evening primrose and cypress. All of these oils work beautifully on their own or pair them with our Body Plane and Allover Roller for a head-to-toe self-care experience!

Allover Roller

Everyone and their mom are jade rolling their faces, but we can’t leave our bodies hanging!! Our Allover Roller is basically an oversized facial roller.  It releases tension that inevitably builds up throughout the day and the slightly spiked roller gently stimulates the skin, allowing any of our body products to penetrate deeper and work more effectively. If used consistently, you’ll see firmer. smoother, more glowing skin from head to toe! We also offer our Allover Roller as a part of a gift set including our Signature Body oils; Clarifying, Restorative, and Firming. 

Calendula Hand Cleanser

Our hands deserve a spa experience too! If your hands are anything like ours, they have taken a beating this last year with all of the excessive hand washing and sanitizing! Our Calendula Hand Cleanser is the gift that hands need this Holiday Season. It is formulated with clove, palo santo, litsea and helichrysum essential oils, all of which are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. Floating throughout the bottle is a bath of calendula petals that continuously diffuse the plant’s soothing and healing properties into the formula to nourish and hydrate the sensitive skin on your hands. Hands are one of the first areas on the body to show premature aging, so it is important to show them a little love! 

Bathroom Incense Bundles

Set the intention for your spa session with our Incense Bundles, whether it’s to manifest a goal, have a mindful moment or even be mindless (we all need to veg out sometimes!). Our scent bundles are available in Lavender & Sage or Eucalyptus. You simply light the end of the smudge bundle, let it smolder, and waft around the room. When you're finished, make sure to store your bundle on a nonflammable surface such as tile, metal or glass. 


So often the holiday season becomes a frenzied time filled with pressure and stress.  Not knowing their size, or favorite color makes choosing just the right thing so hard.  Gift-giving should be a fun and stress-free experience for the gifter, and a delight for the receiver, so remember that EVERYONE feels better after a bath!

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