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Beneficial Body Oil Mini Set


Explore the full range with the BENEFICIAL BODY OIL MINI SET. Comprised of our Clarifying, Firming, and Restorative oils, each one is thoughtfully formulated to deeply hydrate skin and create a smoother, brighter surface from head to toe. The Body Oil Mini Set is ideal for testing, travel and pairing different formulas together to create a bespoke ritual.This set includes one glass 5ml mini size of each formula, and is designed to offer insight into the different benefits and aromas of all three products, so that you can easily identify which oil serves your skin best. 

Mini sets ship free in the US. 




Remove plastic orifice reducer and carefully pour a small amount into hands or directly onto the skin and massage.

Each oil feels absorbs easily and never leaves a greasy residue. Use whenever skin is feeling depleted or after a bath or shower when skin is still moist.