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Bathing 101: How to Craft the Perfect Bath

photo: Brooklynn Gallagher

These days, we need all the self-care me-time that we can get. For a lot of us, the only alone recharge time we can get is in the bathroom, and more specifically, in the tub. We want to cover all the details, so you know how to craft the most luxurious, safe, comfortable at-home bathing experience

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Shower first?

Unless you're post gardening or a heavy workout, (in which case, a quick rinse should do the trick) we don't think that you need to shower before a bath! 

The Perfect Temperature

We've all heard about the benefits that a cold shower can bring to the body. But a cold bath? Unless you're in extreme athlete recovery mode and opting for a short ice bath to soothe muscles, we prefer something a *tad* warmer, 

The perfect bath temp is....drumroll please...92ºF. Not scalding, and only slightly above your internal body temperature. 

Don't have a thermometer lying around? Use your wrist or elbow (rather than your hands) to gauge the temperature—it should feel comfortably warm to the touch, and not too hot to sit in.  

photo: Melissa Gidney-Daly


We love sprinkling our baths with salts, herbs, and petals to fit our mood. Bath salts detoxify, relax tired muscles, and reduce inflammation. Turns out there are a few different kinds:


Epsom salts contain no sodium—and are actually solely a magnesium and sulfate compound. This means it's great for sore and tired muscles, as magnesium acts as a natural muscle relaxer. The different sodium/magnesium content of pink Himalayan salts, sea salts, and Epsom salts may have different effects on skin and body—we recommend sampling (or mixing!) to find your perfect combo. 


Adding petals to your bath brings nature inside your sanctuary. The feeling of petals on skin brings a sensual layer to bathing, and even brings aroma in its most pure form. We are loving the organic rose petals from Maker & Merchant.

photo: Ali Heiss


Make your bath a full sensory experience. A few drops of essential oil goes a long way in the world of aromatherapy—lavender, grapefruit, sandalwood, and chamomile are some of our favorites for the tub. A bath-side candle can bring soft light and send to your at-home spa treatment—we recommend our own Plantable Candle for a bath side treat. 

The Most Important Add-On...

Is a glass of water! Soaking in a warm, salty tub can cause you to sweat, and actually dehydrate the body. We like keeping a few bevs on hand: always water, sometimes kombucha, and maybe a glass of red.

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