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From Bathroom to Day Spa: How to Transform Your Space into a Personal Sanctuary

All of our favorite products and rituals that help us turn a mundane bathroom routine into a luxurious, at-home day spa getaway.
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If there’s ever been a time to transform a mundane bathing routine into a luxurious ritual, it’s right now. We’re rounding up our favorite ways to create a spa getaway right from the comfort of our bathrooms.

While we’ve certainly missed outings like eating in restaurants, going to the movies, and visiting the nail salon, we’ve found a new appreciation for home and the ways we can transform our spaces into the places we’ve missed the most. One such place is a day spa and while that’s not a regular pastime, it’s always one that brings comfort and renewal (something we could all use a little more of right now).

In lieu of a spa getaway, we’ve been taking the time to recreate a relaxing environment in our bathrooms, looking to our favorite body tools, scrubs, candles, oils, and playlists to provide a moment of solace in an otherwise stressful and unpredictable season. Here’s how we bring the spa to our own bathrooms.

1. Create a Serene Setting

While the products we use in our home spa really help to physically reset our bodies, creating an atmosphere of relaxation is equally important to soothe our minds and capture the calming setting you’d get at a traditional spa. Hang some eucalyptus in your shower if you plan to take one, and let the steam release naturally occurring essential oils in the eucalyptus plant. It’s a really pleasant smell and can also help to clear inflammation and congestion. If you’re bathing, add your favorite essential oils to a diffuser. We recommend lavender, chamomile, or cedarwood to promote relaxation. Put a favorite playlist that helps you mentally drift on a low setting and swap out overhead lights for candles or lamps (not near the bath, of course)!

2. Find Your Ritual

A long bath soak isn’t something we typically have time for, but since so many of our days are spent at home we’ve been getting to reap the mental and physical benefits of a long bath. Before bathing, we’ll prime our skin using our Esker Dry Brush to exfoliate the top layer of skin and encourage circulation before getting into warm water. To amp up the bath experience, we’ll apply Crown Affair’s Renewal Mask to our hair while we soak, and we’ll add Lord Jones Bath Salts to the tub, which is formulated with CBD and helps to relieve physical and mental tension throughout the body. To really capture the spa vibe, we’ll burn the Cedar Glass candle from our friends at Jenni Kayne. After a long soak, we’ll wash off with our Restorative Body Wash. This body cleanser is infused with rosehip and jojoba oil as well as lavender and chamomile water and makes for a really relaxing scent and experience. 

3. Take Time for “Spa” Treatments

One of our favorite aspects of a spa day is all of the extra indulgences that go beyond a regular skincare ritual; the facials, the body wraps, the spa water, the list goes on.

Following a relaxing bath, we’ll make our own spa water (for us that’s water with fresh slices of cucumber and lemon) and take some time to do our own “treatments”. Body treatments like our Allover Roller or Body Plane tool are best done right after a bath or shower when your skin is still damp. For an at-home spa day experience, we like to use our Restorative Oil, which is made with nourishing carrot seed oil and hydrating Squalane, among other skin-loving ingredients. After we apply our body oil, we’ll either use our Allover Roller or our Body Plane tool, depending upon how we’re feeling. If we’re looking for head to toe detoxification and increased circulation, we’ll grab the Allover Roller. If we’re wanting more of an exfoliating experience, we’ll glide our body plane tool over oiled skin to slough off dead skin cells and get smoother, refined post-bath skin. After we’ve taken some time to indulge in a treatment, we’ll apply toner, serum, and moisturizer onto our faces. 



 Once all of our products have absorbed, we’ll put on a robe (pretty much everything from organic sleepwear brand Lunya is a win, but our favorite has to be the Resort Linen Silk Robe) and finish our water in a cozy, dark room, pretending it’s the quiet room of the spa and not our bedrooms. :)
header image: Berg House by Kengo Kuma 



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