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Things You Should Know When Showering With A Partner

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VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED because it is about to get hot and steamy up in here! Valentine’s Day is upon us so it is time to feel the love. And since we think bathing is THE BEST thing you can do for yourself, it stands to reason that the marriage of bathing and the most romantic day of the year is a match made in heaven. So dim the lights, turn on some sexy time music, and light one of our Plantable Candles because things are about to get SPICY this Valentines Day.

Intimacy Improvement 

Showering or bathing with your partner is a great way to connect on a deeper level. It is easy to keep the lights turned low in your bed room, or keep your top on while getting it on, but when in the tub or shower, you have nowhere to hide. Bathing and showering together builds confidence for a couple, and over time will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

Leave Your Worries At The Shower Door

Showering and bathing with your partner is a great way to relax and unwind since bathing has been proven to relieve stress. Stress hormones can inevitably build up throughout the day, so it is easy to direct all of that bad energy towards your partner. Rather than misdirecting your emotions, hop in the shower with your person and let the stress of the day wash away!


Someone Will Be The Weakest Link AKA The Cold One 

Ideally, showering with your partner is super hot and steamy. But in reality, unless you have a crazy high-tech shower that has shower heads shooting at you from all angles, someone is going to be freezing their heinie off. Be a gem, and allow your lover to get under the warm water every once in a while! 

Come Prepared 

Showering with your partner is meant to be fun and intimate but there is a lot of room for error. When there is soap and water involved, things are bound to get slippery so it is important to have the proper tools to insure shower sex doesn’t turn into a joy ride in an ambulance. We suggest investing in an in-shower leg stand. It can be used as an easy way to shave all your nooks and crannies but also doubles as a stand to prop your leg up for, well…easy access. Also pick up a non-slip mat for your shower floor! 

Water And Lube Are Not The Same Thing 

You may be thinking, “it’s going to be wet and slippery and things will just sliiiiide on in.” WRONG. The water actually washes away the natural lubrication that occurs when things are getting spicy, and it is not a good idea for soap to enter anywhere.  Especially when in the shower or bath, it is important to use some lubricant in order for the experience to be enjoyable and pleasurable for both parties involved. We love this one from our friends at Maude because it is completely natural and contains zero scary ingredients. It is made with aloe which mimics the natural moisture that occurs when you’re hot and bothered! 

Exploration Station 

Bathing together, whether it be in the bath or shower, is a great time to explore and try new things. Mix things up and try a new position and while you’re at it, explore your partner and get to know each others’ bodies more deeply. Showering and bathing together as a couple allows you to notice new things about each other. Maybe it is a mole on their back (you should really get that checked out, doctors orders!) or even an area on their body that really gets them going!  Who knew about that erogenous zone?

Do IT For The Planet 

Showering together not only allows you to have your own fun, but you can save a sea turtle or two while you’re at it! Showering together is a great way to conserve water for the Earth, as well as lower your utility bill. Not all heroes wear capes. 

Added Bonus: Time Savings!

Let’s face it: Not every interlude can take up an afternoon, or go on all night.  Sometimes hot, steamy and quick is jusssssssst right.  Two-in-one showers can mean peak moments with the efficiency needed when the heart is willing but the schedule demands obedience.

No Partner, No Problem! 

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so don’t forget to show yourself a little TLC! Self pleasure is an important way to connect with yourself and also has some pretty amazing benefits. Masturbating has been proven to lower stress, relieve period pains and migraines, improve your sleep, and even boost cognitive function. Exploring your own body in the bath or shower takes the experience up a notch. You can play with the water temperature or pressure and even bring toys into the equation. We love the sex toys from Smile Makers! They are completely safe to use in the water and offer lots of options for different kinds of stimulation. These toys can be used on a solo mission or even with your partner.

Don’t Forget What You Were In There For 

The extracurriculars are fun and all but don’t forget to actually bathe! Whether you hopped in the shower together with the intention to get it on, or simply as a time-saver, it is important to get clean! Connect and have fun but get the job done.  Help them wash their back and hard to reach areas with our Restorative Body Wash. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, especially in the sensitive areas.

Rather than worrying about scoring the coveted reservation for two at the newest and most exclusive restaurant this Valentine’s Day, try something truly personal, extravagantly romantic, and much easier on the wallet this year.  Indulge in a fabulous soaking session for two!


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