Full Body Exfoliation Tool

Soft and Glowy

Achieve full-body exfoliation with Esker's best-selling Body Plane Ritual. Inspired by ancient techniques, reimagined for modern bodycare routines. 




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The Body Plane - Body Exfoliator ToolThe Body Plane - Body Exfoliator Tool
Body Plane
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Firming Oil - EskerFirming Oil - Esker
Firming Oil
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Restorative Oil - EskerRestorative Oil - Esker
Restorative Oil
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Clarifying Oil - EskerClarifying Oil - Esker
Clarifying Oil
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Belly Oil Duo - EskerBelly Oil Duo - Esker
Belly Oil Duo
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Soothing Belly Oil - EskerSoothing Belly Oil - Esker
Soothing Belly Oil
Sale priceFrom $40.00
Uplifting Belly Oil - EskerUplifting Belly Oil - Esker
Uplifting Belly Oil
Sale priceFrom $40.00
Nourishing Oil - EskerNourishing Oil - Esker
Nourishing Oil
Sale priceFrom $40.00

Full Body Exfoliation

Ancient Greeks and Romans knew how to cleanse skin after a long day. Our exfoliating Body Plane is inspired by strigils, a tool once used in bathhouses for head-to-toe oil cleansing.