5 Night Time Rituals For The Best Sleep Ever

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It is hard to believe that there was ever a time when we would brawl with our parents over our imminent bedtime. Now, my bedtime ritual is, without a doubt, the highlight of my day. My nighttime routine marks the time when I disconnect from the hectic pace of the dayand gear down for a tranquil, cozy night in. So slip into your silkiest pajamas, light that cozy candle and keep reading for my favorite rituals and products to set you up for the best sleep ever!
*PRO TIP: These bedtime essentials would make great gifts for the homebody on your holiday shopping list!*
Firming Body Wash

1. Wash The Day Away

I am personally a night shower person. I love hopping into bed knowing I am squeaky clean and the long day has been washed off of me. If you consistently incorporate night showers into your routine, it signals to your brain that it is time to unwind and relax. I also like to use calming, scented products in the shower to further prompt my brain that it is time to chill tf out. Our Firming Body Wash is my favorite. The mindfully selected combination of essential oils not only works together to tighten and hydrate the skin, but it also smells DIVINE . The Juniper soothes muscle aches, Palmarosa aides in calming the nervous system, Lavender promotes relaxation, Rose Geranium works as a pain reliever, and Grapefruit helps balance the mood. There are some significant benefits to bathing at night. (Keep an eye out for a future post where we do a deep dive into the unexpected benefits of bathing.)
Body Plane and Firming Oil

2. Self Care Ritual 

After hopping out of the shower, and applying all the lotions and potions to my face, it is time to hydrate and cleanse my body even further using our Firming Body Oil and Body Plane. The Firming Body Oil has the same exact formulation as the body wash , relaxing the scenes and triggering the mind to unwind for the night. Once I’m all lubed up, it’stime to body plane. Even after the most luxurious of shower or bathing sessions, there is still excess dirt and grime left on the skin, and the body plane helps to simultaneously cleanse impurities and exfoliate dead skin.After applying oil all over your body, glide the blade (don’t worry there is no chance of it cutting you!) up your limbs and torso. Be sure to have a hand towel on standby to wipe the excess oil off. What you see smeared on the towel is both terrifying and satisfying in the best way. What you’re left with is clean and smooth skin that is ready to get wrapped up in your comfy cozy bed.
Lunya Pajamas

3. Dress Up To Lay Down

I wish I could be the kind of person who throws on an oversized tee from a dive bar and calls it a night, but sadly I’m far too high-maintenance for that. I’ma matching silky sleep set kind of gal. My all time favorite silky jammies are from Lunya. Did you know that there are some serious benefits to sleeping in silk?! Thanks to the fibers being tightly woven together, silk helps decrease the skin’s loss of moisture throughout the night. Silk creates a lovely smooth and even sleeping surface, so that there's little to no friction when tossing and turning in your sleep aka less likelihood of waking up in the night to make adjustments, aka a fuller night’s sleep, aka you’re welcome. 
Set The Mood

4. Set The Mood

If you’re anything like us, your environment really influences your mood. Messy kitchen? Tricky to whip up tasty treats. Cluttered work space? Clocking out early. Your bedroom is no exception to this rule of thumb. We suggest tidying up your space before calling it a night. It will help your mind rest knowing you are in a clean and organized space. We also like to do what we can to make our sleeping space feel like an inviting and calm oasis. We love to light a cozy candle at the end of the day and our Plantable Candles are kind of the best for when it is time to relax and unwind. Our two candles, Terracotta and Terrazzo are both designed with dreamy notes that will set the mood for your cozy night. Terracotta contains notes of Lemon Balm, White Honey, and Coriander (I think it smells like fresh laundry, and nothing is more comforting than the smell of crisp and clean linens). Terrazzo contains notes of Palo Santo, Rock Rose and Cedar. Once your space is tidied and your cozy candle has been lit, it is time to crawl into your comfy sheets! We love the linen sheets from Parachute, and we also have our eyes on the Silk Sheet Set from Lunya. 

5. Bedside Essentials

So by this time, we are clean and moisturized from head to toe (the goal is to be able to literally slip and slide out of bed due to how oily and hydrated we are), draped in silky jammies, and tucked into a cozy bed with a candle lit. Now it is time to turn the relaxation levels up a notch with the help of Rose Los Angeles Night Delights. They are CBD infused vegan gummies that are designed to help you sleep like a baby (even though babies don’t sleep, so we need a new saying for sleeping super-duper well). They feature naturally soothing ingredients like juicy mulberries, wild-foraged lavender, and creamy vanilla to help you catch some serious z’s. While I have been known to get sucked into a Housewives black hole or two, there is nothing like reading a good book before bed. I held off on the Kindle for a while because I was convinced that I needed to feel a book in my hands. But I received a Kindle as a gift last holiday season, and it has been a game changer for me. If you are an avid reader or want to get more into reading, you need to get a Kindle. Before fully knocking out, I drench my hands in the Le Labo Hinoki Hand Cream and hydrate my lips with the Make Beauty Pink Matter Balm. {psssst, blow out that candle!}
Sweet Dreams ; )!

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