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Why You Should Be Gifting Bath & Body Products to Make Every Day a Spa Day

Written by Jane Bornstein @homebodyjane Self-care gets a bad rep. It is often labeled as self-indulgent, selfish, unproductive and a waste of time. But here at Esker, we beg to differ. We believe that self-care is essential to maintaining equilibrium and fostering our mental health. Carving out time to show ourselves...

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Our Cozy Holiday Gift Guide

We've rounded up some sure-fire hits that any woman would love! We have everything from silky jammies to workout gear. So whether she’s chillin on the couch this holiday season, or up in the gym working on her fitness, we have you covered. Keep reading for our 2021 Holiday Season Gift...

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Next Level Sustainability: Decoding 'Compostable' Packaging

When compostable packaging started appearing on the market, it was exciting! We started seeing compostable mailers, bowls, to-go containers everywhere.  Turns out, there are some key details in the fine print. As exciting as widespread sustainability measures can be, they can actually be more harmful than helpful.

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The Culture of Bathing

Submerging oneself in water is an age-old way to find relief. Picture: wading into rivers, streams, hot springs, lakes. But where did the tradition of hot water as toxin release come from? Join us as we go back in time to examine the roof of bathing, and where our modern...

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The Price of a Bubble Bath

Sulfates are the thing that makes your soap, toothpaste, shampoo, lather.They remove oils and grease (which is why you'll also find them in household cleaners). But do they do more harm than good? What really are they?When you're reading an ingredient label, the most common culprits are sodium lauryl sulfate...

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Not all exfoliation is equal: Learn the difference

Not all exfoliation is created equal. Learn the difference between the methods, and find the one best for you.

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Our Self-Care Secret: A Bath, A Book, & A Face Mask

We spend a lot of our time bathing, reading, and indulging in skincare rituals — but combining the three is our favorite form of self-care. Inspired by our new Bath Board, we’ve rounded up the best face mask and book pairings for your next dip in the tub. Think of it...

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Clean Beauty for the Skin Below the Chin

There's a lot of conflicting language in the beauty industry; all the time we hear about new products that are "clean, natural, sustainable," or even "green". But what does clean really mean?

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Another Kind of Half Bath

Sometimes you don't have time (or even the tub) for the full soak. Maybe you're working with a shower-only situation, or don't want to deal with waiting for the tub to fill up.Lucky for you, there are some alternatives to taking a full bath; something as simple as soaking your hands and feet...

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