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Bathing 101: How to Craft the Perfect Bath

photo: Brooklynn Gallagher These days, we need all the self-care me-time that we can get. For a lot of us, the only alone recharge time we can get is in the bathroom, and more specifically, in the tub. We want to cover all the details, so you know how to craft...

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Esker Explores: The Difference Between Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

As winter approaches, we're exploring the differences between dry vs. dehydrated skin and the ingredients we use to treat each one.

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Preserving the Life of Your Body Tools

After getting your skin extra clean, return the favor for your bodycare arsenal.  We often hear and read a lot about keeping makeup tools clean, and it makes sense; They get caked with products every day, are blotted or brushed directly onto your skin, and then get tossed back into...

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From Bathroom to Day Spa: How to Transform Your Space into a Personal Sanctuary

All of our favorite products and rituals that help us turn a mundane bathroom routine into a luxurious, at-home day spa getaway.

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Recycling Right: How to Properly Toss Your Empty Products

If you’ve reached the end of your Esker body oil or any other beauty product and you’re not exactly sure what to do next, read on. Here’s your go-to guide to correctly tossing all of your empty products.

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How To Use Our Body Plane: Easy Techniques for Smooth & Exfoliated Summer Skin

After months of research and design development, we finally got to release what is by far the most unique item in Esker’s collection of body care tools, the Body Plane. It’s our modernized version of the Strigil, an ancient tool used by romans and greeks to clean themselves and scrape...

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Your Softest, Cleanest Skin Yet: The Body Plane Tool

When you use the Body Plane on oiled skin for the first time (and every time), you’ll notice how much dead skin and dirt lifts away from the surface with the oil. We liken it to using a Bioré pore strip: kind of gross to see what was sitting on...

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Body Oils for Growing Bellies

We created Esker as a way to transform routines into rituals. Our body oils and body tools are a conduit for slowing down and taking time to take care of ourselves. For many of us, though, recognizing when we need a moment of pause to regroup and take care is...

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Four Things You Should Know About Hand Soaps

Plus Find your Handwashing Mantra Here’s how to take better care of your hands (especially right now)  We’ll be honest: we really didn’t expect to announce our new Calendula Hand Soap in the middle of a pandemic, the focal point of which is all about washing hands and keeping yourself...

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